Black garlic

Black garlic

Fermented product – Black garlic is obtained from fresh garlic that has been fermented for a specific time (a few weeks) at a controlled high temperature (60–90°C) under controlled high humidity (80–90%).

Polish product

We are polish producer of black garlic and we use polish garlic to production.

What’s the difference?

When compared with fresh garlic, black garlic does not release a strong offensive flavor . The process turns garlic cloves dark, gives them a sweet taste, and alters their consistency to chewy and jelly-like.

How can we use it?

Black garlic can be used in place of fresh garlic, or you can combine these flavors in many dishes. Of course, you can also eat it solo. It makes every dish delicious and unique.

Health properties

Research shows that daily consumption has a positive effect on our health. Black garlic has antioxidant, anti-allergic, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects.